Monday, March 24, 2008

Energy Rush TV Storms the (Pre) Oscar Party

Just a few days prior to the 2008 Oscar telecast, a huge bash was thrown near the fabled intersection of Hollywood & Vine in the heart of Hollywood. And of course Energy Rush TV was there!

Wait ... Energy Rush TV was at a pre-Oscar party? What's up with that? Well, there's a story behind it, and here it is:

One of the clients that Energy Rush TV serves is Envision Solar, an innovative creator of solar-array-topped structures ( They're based in San Diego, California but are ready to put their unique products anywhere. Envision Solar decided to have a significant presence at a pre-Oscar party held at the Avalon Theatre and Spider Club across the street from the famed Capitol Records building on February 20th. They constructed a life-size "Life Pod" at the entrance of the soiree, which was put on by Global Green.

And that's where Energy Rush TV comes in. Envision Solar asked us to be there to record on video the entire construction process of the Life Pod. Our team flew to Los Angeles and set up at the crack of dawn, videotaping the construction with twin HD cameras. Producer Paul Steinbroner kept track of all the activity while Energy Rush TV cameramen Eric Bishop and Mark DuMond rolled tape on the whole thing. During the day while we were taping the Life Pod creation, crews came in and built a huge sub-floor and tent for the big entrance to the party that evening.

Since the Energy Rush TV crew had to obtain press passes to shoot the Life Pod construction, we decided to hang around for the big red carpet moment. (Check that -- it wasn't a red carpet after all, it was green grass; after all, this was an eco-event.) That's right, the Energy Rush TV team became "paparazzi for a night." Sandwiched on the "rail" between Canal-4 from Paris, France and a news team from L.A., we shot footage of TV and movie stars. We even got some of them to say good stuff on camera about the Life Pod. Some of the stars we got up close and personal with were Salma Hayek, Adrien Grenier, Sharon Lawrence, Tate Donovan, Tia Carrere and Oliver Stone. We also got to check out some very cool electric vehicles, including the Aptera, a three-wheeled stunner that caused several people to actually ask if it was an aircraft, and the Fisker Karma, which looks like a Ferrari on steroids.

Within 36 hours, Energy Rush TV had created a video for the Life Pod and the Envision Solar folks had it on line. Check it out here:

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